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January and February Work

 Our members have been very busy the last couple of months. Below are some of our work. Kate shows off the textures in her pebble bowl with art yarn from Linda's workshop last year, and added a Dorset button.  In connection with her art yarn workshop last year, Linda made a video for us: Making a Simple Art Yarn . Elizabeth used Dorset buttons sewn on to a kumihimo braid for a necklace. These Yorkshire buttons on a knitted cardigan were also made by Elizabeth. Linda washed and dyed an old wool blanket and embellished it with merino fibre to produce a warm, hooded coat. Carla knitted several little coats for dogs. Wendy has been very busy knitting up her handspun wool. Wendy also produced her first crocheted top, and added little bobbles which were done in two halves. Jane has been busy knitting for a baby. These socks were also knitted by Jane. Inge knitted sock from her handspun 3-ply yarn. Madeline knitted a hat for the QMCG, this one in the Bohus technique. Inge learned sprang o

Supporting a Charity - QMCG

Each year our group selects a charity to support. This year it is The Queen Mother's Clothing Guild , a charity that we have supported for a few years for their charity knitting. As you will see below, our members are already busy with needles and hooks. Madeline knitted this scarf using all the small skeins of wool she dyed at our last dying day, and plain white. It's all alpaca, one row colour, one row white, knitted in moss stitch lengthways. The aquamarine colour was just copper mordanted yarn that never got as far as the dye pot. This will certainly keep someone warm. Madeline sends woollen items where it does not matter if they shrink or felt, i.e., hats and scarves, as they end up being warmer! The QMCG is one of the oldest charities, providing for those in need since 1882. Each year the QMCG receives requests from charities all over the UK for items to enable them to continue their work. The charities include, homeless shelters, outreach units, refuges for women, hospic