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Spring has sprung and there has been a hive of activity

Jane has knitted this lovely cushion cover   Cushion Front and back East Grinstead was yarn bombed to mark Dementia Awareness week  these are some of the Forget me Knots members contributed One of the members knitted and felted this bag from yarn scraps. Whilst she was not impressed with it, others were and it was snapped up and given a loving home After Linda's Zoom weaving tutorial Carol T made this textured hanger  incorporating some driftwood she had collected several years ago Inge has been busy braiding on her Marudai  This is the Sasanami braid created   She has also been having fun with Fingerloop braiding. Here are some examples Jane shared this woven scarf incorporating floating wefts at our recent virtual Show and Tell    It has finally been possible for our small spinning bubbles to meet up again in members' gardens   Carla's Needle Felted Swallows Hanger

Edda and Stephanie Experimented with Dyes

By Stephanie Before Covid restrictions our group have enjoyed an annual summer's day in a member's garden (latterly Jane's), spinning, knitting, chatting and, most importantly, dyeing. Various acid and natural dyes were available to dabble with on each occasion. This inspired Edda and I to have a bit of fun trying the effects of different recipes, using controlled dye solutions. For the two experiments below, we used acid dyes from DT Crafts. On one occasion, we experimented with 1% solutions of acid dyes to investigate the effects of the addition of brown versus black on the shading of colours.  Four basic colours (blue, magenta, yellow and turquoise) were mixed with either brown or black in the following proportions: 10ml base colour : 10ml brown or black 15ml base colour : 2ml brown or black 30ml base colour : 2ml brown or black These were added to 10g skeins of wool yarn, which were wrapped in clingfilm and microwaved for 2-3 minutes. Lovely shades were obtained. Brown,