Memories of 2020

With the start of 2021 we also start a new web presence for our group. With this first post we show some of our work from 2020, featuring various disciplines that our members work with - spinning, weaving and many other things.

Carol T - Needle felting

Laura - Silk paper

Stephanie - Knitting

Linda - Tapestry weaving

Sheila - Bobbin lace

Elizabeth - Further Bobbin lace

Jane O - Knitting 

Wendy - Spinning
Inge - Inkle weaving

Jane S - Knitting - Shetland Wedding shawl

Edda - Dyeing

Kate - Mosaic crochet

Dorothy - Cable knitting

Carla - Crochet

Anne - Tapestry weaving

Julie D - Spinning and knitting

Phyllis - For the NHS

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